We will endeavour to ensure that only current information is listed here, however please check the date of publication as due to the speed of changes to advice from the Government during isolation, some documents may be out of date.

Can You Do Us A Favour… From One Small Business To Another?

We’re determined to help as many businesses as we can through these tough times and will continue to offer a range of free resources to help you successfully navigate the impacts of COVID-19, however as a small business ourselves we are not immune to the economic fallout.

So what we’re asking is this… if you’ve found these free resources helpful or attended a webinar and thought it was valuable, please consider investing in our Complete DIY HR Toolkit. Not only will you be helping us, but the templates you’ll find within it will be essential as your business gets back to work following the lockdown, as unfortunately the side effects of COVID-19 will likely continue for some time.

We understand that for some businesses this won’t be possible, but for those that can we’d certainly appreciate it!