Who we are

HRtookit is the HR Manager for small business. Our practical and legally compliant DIY Document Library has everything you need to do it yourself. And if you need expert support for a tricky situation, our team of experienced HR managers is only a phone call away.


Lisa Mackay – Managing Director


With 20 years experience across the UK and New Zealand, Lisa has a wealth of knowledge and skills in this sector. She is responsible for the launch of HRtoolkit and personally signs off every document in the DIY document library. Lisa’s approach to employment relations is one of practical common sense. She is continually striving to not only resolve the immediate issue, but also train the managers she is working with to ensure that they are able to do it themselves in the future. Lisa’s employment law knowledge is extensive, and it is through this knowledge that she is able to ensure any solution is not only legally compliant, but is also delivering the best possible solution for the company.

Lisa has an excellent proven track record. Despite having restructured thousands of people, and made hundreds redundant, she has never had a case go to tribunal.

If you would like to discuss an employment issue with Lisa or need further guidance on using HRtoolkit, please contact her on 0800 HRtoolkit or Lisa@hrtoolkit.co.nz


Frances Carlisle – General Manager


Frances has over 20 years business experience both in the private and not for profit sectors. She holds a Post Graduate Human Resources Degree, and has a special interest in occupational health and safety.

Having worked predominantly in small to medium enterprises across a variety of industries, Frances understands the need for a pragmatic approach to employment issues. “Whether performing a change management programme for a boutique vineyard or training local board members in new technology, the ability to respond to the changing needs of an organisation makes HR a dynamic field to be involved in.”

Frances is a real people person, who brings her business acumen and employment relations skills to each situation and is enthusiastic about the positive impact human resource management can have in supporting business growth.

Contact Francis on 0800 HRtoolkit or Frances@hrtoolkit.co.nz



HRtoolkit has teamed with Everest group to provide hands on support in Central North Island.

Senga Allen – HR Director

Senga Allen

After more than 15 years experience as a human resource specialist, Senga Allen founded Everest Group Limited in 2006, Waikato’s leading provider of outsourced human resources for all business sizes.

Senga’s background as a senior human resource practitioner in public and private sectors has spanned a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, finance, insurance and health.

One of Senga’s real passions is working with business owners to develop and implement practical and pragmatic solutions to make people management easy.

Contact Senga on 0800 HRtoolkit or email Senga@hrtoolkit.co.nz


Diane Hallifax – HR Director

Diane Hallifax

Di has had an extensive human resource career in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  She has worked with many small and large businesses including Waikato Institute of Technology (WINTEC), British Telecom, Arthur Andersen and Halliburton.

Di prides herself on providing practical, effective and innovative human resource solutions to businesses.

Di has significant experience in operational human resources, project management, industrial and employment relations and recruitment.  Working closely with businesses to make them the best employers they can be, together with achieving results and minimising risk is what she enjoys most.

Contact Di on 0800 HRtoolkit or email Diane@hrtoolkit.co.nz

Lisa Anderson – HR Manager

Lisa Anderson

Lisa’s background of HR consulting within the Auckland region saw her working alongside small to medium sized business owners and their teams, helping them develop and integrate effective Human Resource and Organisational Development solutions into daily business operations.

Lisa’s career pathway has also included teaching business and economics, change management within the local government environment, coordination of non-governmental organisations and co-ownership of a small business within the retail services market.

Lisa is very strategic in her approach to HR and when incorporating any HR process will retain a focus on achieving improvements in overall business performance and profitability.

Contact Lisa on 0800 HRtoolkit or email Lisa.Anderson@hrtoolkit.co.nz

Wanda Baldock – HR Manager

Wanda Baldock

Wanda has strong background in human resources with experience in a range of organisations including public and private sectors, SME consultancy and corporate multinationalorganisations.

Wanda is dedicated to helping businesses and owners realise their potential through leveraging their human capital.  She enjoys supporting and coaching leaders to build productive and innovative businesses; developing confident and effective leaders who manage and inspire their individual staff members and teams so they love coming to working and going home safely at the end of the day.

Contact Wanda on 0800 HRtoolkit or email Wanda@hrtoolkit.co.nz