Dealing with conflict in the workplace

We are all human, and not everyone will be best buddies, but when you spend 40 hours a week working with someone conflict can occur. In this webinar we will be looking at some practial ways to proactively manage this conflict before it escalates

Virtual working arrangements, what you need to consider

Virtual and remote working arrangements are very common these days, but do require consideration around factors such as H&S, security of information, management of remote workers etc. This webinar I will be talking about these issues and how to address them

The importance of great induction and on-boarding processes

Giving a great first impression and getting people up to speed as quickly as possible are really important parts of the recruitment process. I'll be talking about the tools that you can use to have a fabulous on-boarding process

Managing the festive season

This session will be about some of the practical things you need to do (notice of shutdown etc) and managing some of the inveitable festive season issues... Staff party arguments, hangovers, checking out early, or managing the rush...