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Keeping up Morale

As I write this in October 22 I am ever hopeful that, by November 23, inflation will be down, Putin will have been controlled, and the UK will have a prime minister who lasts more than a few weeks! However, I'm sure if that wish list has been delivered, 2023 will have produced it's own […]

Contractor V’s Employee

When is a "contractor" actually an employee? The courts have Tests of Justification that they use to assess the status of an individual, and, I could just about say I was an employee simply by talking to you, based on the broad nature of those tests! The good news is that they application of those […]

The “Hidden” Theft

If someone took $20 out of the till without intending to return it, you would call it theft. But if someone adds an extra hour to their timesheet, or adds personal purchases to the fuel card, is it still theft? In many cases the answer is yes, and the numbers involved are usually a lot […]