Restructure and Redundancy

As with the disciplinary process, there is a pretty simple process you need to follow if going into a restructuring and/or redundancy process. However, it is the most letigious point of employment law and therefore you need to ensure that you do it right.

Assessing Culture Fit

Sometimes the face simply doesn't fit. They do the tasks fine, but just don't gel with the team. But this can be very difficult to assess and explain to someone who isn't fitting in. This session I'll be talking about how to identify the cultural fit needed in your business, how to assess this at […]

Exit Interviews

Usually we know why someone has left, particularly in small businesses. However, the exit interview can be a very enlightening source of information. So, when can/should you do an exit interview, and how do you go about doing it?

Managing The Festive Season

Christmas is nearly upon us again (yikes), and, as I write this in January 2022, I am sincerely hoping that this will be a far more positive end of year than the last 2! This session will be about some of the practical things you need to do (notice of shutdown etc) and managing some […]