Recruitment Open day

Recruitment Open day

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The “traditional” recruitment process of sending in your CV and then having an interview can create inadvertent barriers to recruitment.  I.e. those who don’t have a CV won’t even apply, and many are nervous about interviews so will avoid those too, however friendly you make them.  However, sitting down and having a chat is still only about 8% effective at predicting success in a role.

Further, with the current very tight employment market, you want to attract those people who are currently in employment, but are only browsing the recruitment market, rather than actively putting themselves out there to find another job.

Recruitment open days are aimed at:

  1. Removing as many barriers in the recruitment process as possible
  2. Ensuring that you are assessing as wide a range of skills as possible

They are particularly useful if you are recruiting:

  1. For a number of positions
  2. For roles, such as trades, where people don’t necessarily have a CV
  3. Where the key focus of the role is practical

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