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Do I need to pay people after a natural disaster or emergency?

The following guidance is copied from the Employment New Zealand Website   If a natural disaster or other serious event happens, the health, safety, and security of people should be the main concern of all employers and staff. This comes before thinking about the interests of the business or organization. Employers and employees should remember to […]

Health and Safety law update

One of the key challenges in the new health and safety legislation is the positive obligation to ‘consult,cooperate and coordinate’ with other businesses including contractors. This piece of legislation in the HSWAct 2015 has been introduced primarily to reduce the risk to workers arising when several businesses work together. As the number of parties involved increases, […]

Case study: Lift maintenance

A human resources company leasing premises in a multi-tenanted office block has concerns about lift maintenance but who is legally responsible? In this case, there is a shared duty of care for lift maintenance in a multi-tenanted office block. All businesses have a duty of care as a person conducting a business or undertaking to ensure the […]

Council and contractors fined $255,000

In October 2016 the Auckland Council and contractors were required to pay $255,000 over the death of a 19 year old refuse worker. Refuse worker Jane Devonshire was killed in August last year when a rubbish truck, owned by Auckland Council contractor Onyx, went over a cliff in Birkenhead on the North Shore. Devonshire, of […]

How to support your health and wellbeing policy

The evidence is overwhelming that engaged employees drive competitive advantage. And that the establishment and continuous improvement of a health and wellness policy is integral to business success. A healthy work environment Promoting a healthy work environment means all employees are responsible and accountable for their own health, safety and wellbeing. The company will take responsibility […]

Healthy workplaces improve productivity

Productive and engaged employees drive competitive advantage in all organisations, but having a healthy team is especially important in small businesses. Research suggests that a healthy workforce improves company productivity by: Attracting superior quality staff Reducing the rate of absenteeism and time lost Enhancing on-the-job time utilization, and decision making Improving moral which in turn […]