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‘Skivitis’… beware it’s catchy

Skiving off work, can take many forms.  There are the easily recognisable moments in a working day when you know employees are not technically working – often termed ‘ low level’ skiving.  Then there is the more problematic ‘presenteeism,’ where people show up to work, but are not engaged and productive.  Even more serious to […]

Are they really Independent Contractors?

“Direct employment is too difficult, I’ll just put them on an independent contractor agreement”. This assertion is one I hear frequently in the Salon industry, but it is a belief that is fraught with danger for two major reasons: The Independent contractor claiming they are actually an employee and therefore due holiday pay etc. The […]

Employment law changes come into effect on 1 April

Employers only have a couple of weeks to get the employment agreements up to date or risk large fines. All existing employees contracts are expected to be updated by 31 March 2017.  Companies found in breach may incur fines from visiting inspectorate if their agreements do not comply with the current legislation. Visit to […]

The Employment Relations Act overview

The Employment Relations Act is the central piece of legislation governing employment relationships. It provides a structure for employers, employees and unions to negotiate employment agreements. The Act also outlines the legal process for resolving employment problems including a free mediation service, and avenues for employee’s to take a case to both the Employment Relations […]