The high cost of casual double dipping

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Employment Agreements


We got a phone call from an employee whose new Australian boss had called to say “I hear your husband is working for a competitor, pack your bags, and p$%&** off”. Just to be clear, we are not paraphrasing!

After we had pealed the employee off the ceiling, she said “I am going to go him for everything I can”.

The employee had been employed for ten years as a ‘casual’ employee, being paid the 8% uplift instead of accruing annual leave. She enjoyed flexibility over the summer months, but apart from that she was a full-time employee and not a genuine casual employee by legal definition.

The first item on her claim was ten years of  back holiday pay, which she won. Her annual leave alone cost the Australia company in excess of $20,000. A very expensive phone call from her new Australian boss.

This cost could have been avoided if her employer had understood the employees legal status, and used the HRtoolkit Employment Agreements to change it whilst they were still in negotiation.

Don’t risk your profits by using the wrong type of employment agreement. Its easier and more cost effective to get it right first time, let HRtoolkit show you how.

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