When recruitment decisions go wrong

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Recruitment


An interior design company had had three administrators in the space of two years.  Each of these women took three months to come up to speed, so that was nine months out of nine years when they were not fully productive (at $40K salary that’s $30K out of the profit of the company).

The company needed someone to do the administration, but because they had walk-in clients they also needed someone with an artistic flair… it makes perfect sense!

The problem was they were recruiting wannabe interior designers, rather than administrators. These wannabe’s were bored with admin, so they didn’t do it well, and ultimately left.

Using competency based interviewing (HRtoolkit has loads of sample interview questions) they were able to ask the right questions to find the skills applicants  actually needed to be successful in the job.

The company then used the HRtoolkit reference check forms to find out about how the applicant performed at their previous jobs, and the HRtoolkit employment agreements to provide a legally compliant contract.

Within a week of the new employee starting in their job, she had the whole office organised… and it turned out she was into flower arranging, so did have an artistic flair.

We are all attracted to mini-me, but mini-me doesn’t like doing admin any more than big-me does!

The wrong recruitment decisions are a waste of money and a waste of profits. Its easier and cost effective to get it right first time, let HRtoolkit show you how.

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