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Cleaning company ordered to pay $160,000

The Employment Relations Authority ruled that Food City Limited must comply with the minimum employment standards and pay their employees their full wages including sick leave and annual leave entitlements.  Food City also failed to provide employment agreements. The Labour Inspectorate was called to investigate Food City over concerns about the hours and conditions staff […]

Smith City ordered to pay staff

It seems like not a week goes by without seeing yet another business being called out for their sub-par labour practices.  The Labour Inspectorate has issued a stern warning to businesses which aren’t properly paying staff or abiding by the minimum requirements for employees: Fix it, because “we will be coming knocking”. The recent ruling […]

The Ministry of Business and Innovation release guidelines to the Holidays Act 2003

The non-compliance with this Act has become a significant employment issue, with non compliant companies featuring in the news regularly. Employment Law is dynamic and many companies are not fully aware of their obligations under the current law. MBIE had produced this guide to assist employers and employees to clearly understand their rights and obligations regarding […]

$500m pay rise for care workers

A historic pay deal for thousands of low-income workers has been signed after a landmark ruling on equal pay earlier this year. The deal will affect about 55,000 mainly women staff in government-funded sectors involving aged care, home support and disability services with some people seeing a pay rise from $16 to $23 an hour. […]

Labour’s employment policy promises living wage 

As part of it’s workplace relations package, the Labour Party has promised a living wage of $16.50 an hour for the public service, with the minimum wage rising to two-thirds of the average wage over time. They also want to introduce trial periods that include better options for employees to act if they feel their […]

Bullied kindergarten teacher awarded $100k

This ruling sends a clear message to all employers that they need to provide safe work environments free from intimidation.  Allan Halse, teacher’s advocate and director of CultureSafe New Zealand, said it was an unprecedented payout, at four times the usual sum awarded by the Employment Relations Court.  As this particular case involves bullying by a […]