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Increase in Paid Parental Leave

The Labour Government has made key changes to Parental Leave Law in New Zealand and we have updated two documents in our document library to ensure you have legally compliant documents and templates covering all aspects of your employment relationship. You can download the new documents here. Changes to the document library include: Employee request for […]

‘Skivitis’… beware it’s catchy

Skiving off work, can take many forms.  There are the easily recognisable moments in a working day when you know employees are not technically working – often termed ‘ low level’ skiving.  Then there is the more problematic ‘presenteeism,’ where people show up to work, but are not engaged and productive.  Even more serious to […]

Combat Workplace Winter “sickies”

Coming into winter people catch colds or worse, the flu.  When someone calls in sick, it can be stressful managing without that extra worker.  You may think you need that employee at work, but do you really want staff showing up full of the flu, only to spread it through the whole department?  At the […]

Do I need to pay people after a natural disaster or emergency?

The following guidance is copied from the Employment New Zealand Website   If a natural disaster or other serious event happens, the health, safety, and security of people should be the main concern of all employers and staff. This comes before thinking about the interests of the business or organization. Employers and employees should remember to […]

Managing a Christmas closedown

With the days getting longer and warmer, we are all beginning to focus on a long summer holiday relaxing at the beach. The Christmas period is usually a quiet time for business, and as an employer you may be considering a summer close-down. So, what is a close-down? A close-down is when an employer customarily […]