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Inducting your staff well makes a great first impression: It speaks volumes to a new staff member when you show them you are prepared and ready for their arrival.  You want your new employee  to feel welcome and see that you have prepared for their arrival.  Most of us has experienced a poor induction.   For example, arriving to your new […]

How to hire in a tight labour market

Hiring people in a tight labor market is more work for managers than it used to be.  Whilst a focus on looking after your staff, particularly your great performers, is a priority you also need to find workers to replace those who leave and bring in new staff for your growing business. The HRtoolkit Quick […]

Recruitment, the $100k decision

Would you usually make a $100k expenditure decision without getting professional advice? For most of us the answer is a firm no. But $100k is the absolute minimum any recruitment decision will cost you. Attracting and retaining the right people is crucial to any successful business. Let HRtoolkit show you how.

Was there more to it than just chocolate theft?

CASE STUDY An employee had only been employed for about four months, but after a disciplinary investigation using the the HRtoolkit disciplinary investigation tools, the employee was found guilty of stealing an iPod and dismissed. There was, of course, suspicion that he had stolen a lot more. As part of the investigation the company looked back at the employees original recruitment […]

When recruitment decisions go wrong

CASE STUDY An interior design company had had three administrators in the space of two years.  Each of these women took three months to come up to speed, so that was nine months out of nine years when they were not fully productive (at $40K salary that’s $30K out of the profit of the company). The company needed someone to do the administration, […]

How to recruit the right people

VIDEO Recruiting someone is a decision worth $100,000’s. After all, you hope they will stay with your company for at least a few years. Watch this quick video to make sure you get the profile right. Don’t put your company at risk by recruiting the wrong people. Its easier and more cost effective to get it right […]