How to hire in a tight labour market

by | May 25, 2018 | Recruitment

Hiring people in a tight labor market is more work for managers than it used to be.  Whilst a focus on looking after your staff, particularly your great performers, is a priority you also need to find workers to replace those who leave and bring in new staff for your growing business.

The HRtoolkit Quick Guide to Recruitment outlines a variety of channels to communicate your vacancy. These channels can complement the traditional internet job sites and media.  An often-overlooked avenue is asking current staff if they know anyone suitable.  Several companies we work with, run a very successful “refer a friend”  programme which provide financial incentive for staff who find a good candidate.  Other less formal advertising channels to consider are local clubs, church groups, student job search, chamber of commerce or sports clubs.

It’s important to follow a recruitment process thoroughly:

  • Screen CV’s. Look at your applicants’ work track record, have they job-hopped a lot? Do they have the key skills you require?
  • Telephone interview candidates. This will help you understand their general suitability and expected pay rate.
  • Have the candidate fill in the HRtoolkit job application formThis provides some protection to the employer that the candidate is being honest about their achievements, experience and declaring anything that may pose a difficulty for the candidate in fulfilling the role.
  • Use the HRtoolkit sample interview questionsGood competency-based interview questions increase your ability to make a good hire by 60%. Scenario-based questions can reveal people’s work style e.g organised vs unstructured, good time management vs reactive. Competency-based questions assist you in building a better picture of the candidate than simple “yes” and “no” questions.

Once you have decided on a candidate, ensure you use the correct employment contract by going to the HRtoolkit Employment Contracts section of the document library.

After you have recruited, induction is the next step.

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