How to get the best out of your team

by | Sep 8, 2016 | Performance

Our acid-test on the state of the economy is the balance between how much recruitment and redundancy we are involved with. The great news is that the scales currently seem pretty balanced and there’s lots of discussion in the middle ground.

How to get the best out of your team

To answer this question you need to understand where your business is at, then consider how to improve performance. Companies regularly measure profit, turnover, debtor days and delivery times – this is easily accessible data. But are these really the numbers you should be watching?

If you look at what drives these numbers, you can influence future results. Your staff, and how they behave ultimately drive pretty much every number in your business. You can have the best processes and procedures in place, but if your staff aren’t using the systems, or are focusing on the wrong behaviours, then business growth will be affected.

Understanding the key competencies that drive performance, and giving your staff clear feedback about what this means is critical for performance improvement.

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