Your staff know your business better than you!

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Redundancy & Restructuring

A company was faced with the horrible decisions to downsize.  Using the HRtoolkit tools, they were working through a consultation process to make this happen.  One of the roles that was proposed as redundant was the apprentice because they didn’t have enough qualified tradesmen to meet his training needs.

They presented the proposal to all the staff, and gave them time to give feedback (as required by law).  As part of the feedback the other staff (not the apprentice himself) had gone out and found another company who was prepared to “share” the apprentice and give him the work experience that the main company couldn’t.

The apprentice’s job was saved, and he is now a qualified sparky!

And into the bargain the staff loyalty increased exponentially as they had been listened to!

Getting the restructure process wrong can be horrendously expensive ($100,000.00’s in legal bills, Personal Grievances, wasted wages…) for your business, but done right the outcomes can be amazing.

Do it right, do it once, click here now to save money and jobs.

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